Welcome to Runs On Berries!

Runs on Berries is a blog that lays out plant based, whole food meals one week at a time by sharing the menus my family create each weekend. It is not a meal planning service, but merely a way to show you what a week of meals in our house consists of. Some weeks are heavy on internet and blog recipes. Others are heavy on recipes from the few cookbooks we own. I will list those books at the bottom of this page so you know what my “go-to” books are.

Why make Runs On Berries?

When people find out that our family of four is vegetarian it is usually followed by many questions and a good bit of interest. But the question I hear the most is “Just what DO you eat?!” This blog is my answer to that. My husband and I have been on this journey for 10 years now. After that long it’s hard to remember what it was like starting on this lifestyle of whole cooking and plant food. We didn’t start out with a whole food mentality. I can assure you that our first year or so was not this put together or healthy by any means. As the years passed we ventured into more whole foods, less boxed, and more color! I’m here to show you that being plant based isn’t about replacing meat or eating salads ALL.THE.TIME. No, plant based is about exploring the world of spices and dishes from different cultures. And yes, occasionally making Buffalo Cauliflower Wings to satisfy the craving for some spice and all american comfort food. If you’ve come here to get a meal for the week, to just explore a different type of cooking, or out of pure interest of “what do they eat?” Welcome! I hope that I can give you some ideas and answer your curiosity.


  • How to Cook Everything Vegetarian- Mark Bittman
  • Oh She Glows Cookbook- Angela Liddon
  • Thug Kitchen ‘The Official Cookbook’
  • Supermarket Vegan- Donna Klein
  • Plant-Powered Families- Dreena Burton

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