Menu for Week 3 [1 Nov-6 Dec]

Wow, did the Thanksgiving holiday mess up our family, schedule wise! I’m just now catching up on life and getting everything in order. So while a little late, I figure better late than never, here is another week’s worth of meals! We had a few flops this week, I tried some recipes from two new sites that looked great but execution or editing of recipes left a bit to be desired.


  1. Braised cabbage, potatoes and carrots (from Thug Kitchen Cookbook pg.48) with southwestern quinoa bites (these were a big flop!)
  2. Winter Veggie Hominy Hash en Croute my husband and I loved the sauce that goes with this but the girls were more than okay with some homemade ketchup on it.
  3. Whole roasted carrots, black bean burgers, and marinated kale: all three of these were from Oh She Glows’ cookbook but similar recipes can be found on her website Oh She Glows
  4. Split Pea and Potato Curry Soup I want to try this over a bed of rice next time. Oh, and we always half the garam masala because ours has a bit of a kick for the kids.
  5. Pumpkin Avocado Tostadas with spanish rice (from Thug Kitchen pg.81) the tostadas weren’t a huge hit but they weren’t a total let down either.
  6. Super Vegan Bowl with creamy pesto we did mashed potatoes, replacing the couscous
  7. spaghetti with tomato sauce and Caeser Salad


  1. Roasted Brussel sprouts with walnuts and a squeeze of lemon over black rice
  2. Broccoli Pesto Mac n Cheese with broccoli on the side
  3. Tortilla Soup with avocado on top: I totally had the intentions of following the recipe from Thug Kitchen’s cookbook but lacked about 3 key ingredients so I fudged it… it still turned out great though!



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