Week 1 [9-15 November]

We meal plan every Saturday before food shopping so that we know our week will be well balanced and to ensure that we have everything we need for the week ahead. I don’t meal plan according to day because, honestly, I can never stick to a “on Monday we will have ____, on Tuesday we will eat _____” type of plan. I never know what mood I’ll be in or just how much effort I will actually want to devote to cooking that evening. By simply planning 7 dinners I can choose that morning, or afternoon, what we will have for dinner… It gives a little wiggle room.  Below you will find our family’s menu from this past week.


  1.  Burrito Bowl with Avocado Sauce, over rice – recipe x2 to feed a family of four
  2.  Black eyed pea curry with Collards and Mango, Avocado Salsa – We have served this over rice as well as quinoa and like it both ways 
  3. Butternut Mac-n-Cheese* with broccoli (either steamed, baked, or pan braised)
  4. Cauliflower Chowder** with a Vegan Caesar Salad – this recipe calls for homemade dressing but feel free to buy your own, however the toppings make this salad!
  5.  Red Lentil, Chickpea and Tomato Soup served with pan cooked kale – I don’t use the crockpot for the soup, I just simply cook it in a large soup pot for an hour or so… the lentils turn out just fine this way.
  6.  Roasted potato and Asparagus salad with lentils and mustard dressing
  7. Pasta Puttanesca with lemon-walnut greenbeans (both of these are from the cookbook: Super Market Vegan by Dreena Burton) but here is a similar pasta puttanesca recipe Vegan Pasta Puttanesca

*There are plenty of butternut mac and cheese recipes floating around, some incorporate butternut into a traditional macaroni while others use purely plant based “cheese” made from cashews. I will leave you to decide which version you want to use.

**I’m still trying to make a cauliflower chowder that really nails it, the one from this week was “meh”. Hopefully with a few adjustments I can make one worthy of posting on here.


  1.  Greens with Carrots over Rice We topped this with toasted pepitas 
  2. Roasted Veggies with flatbread and taziki sauce. We just used the left over sauce from the Caesar Salad, thinned out iwth a little dill added to it.
  3. Cumin, lime, black bean, and Quinoa salad

Stepping back and looking at all of the meals I definitely notice that we had a blog heavy week, especially from Oh She Glows. The next week will have a bit more variety. If you are looking at kid friendly recipe to try out: my girls gobbled up the lentil salad, the puttanesca, and the burrito bowl.

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